Whatever Inspires You, Join the World in a Shared Laugh on Saturaday at 1:24pm!

Day 3 (1.22.15) Laughter Starts with Gratitude and a Smile!

Today’s contest sponsor, Cheryl Russell, founder of the non-profit, Imagination NOW http://imaginationnow.org/  believes that ‘gratitude and love are the keys to a life filled with magic and magnificence.’  She uses her creativity to inspire children to think outside the box and believe in their ideas.  It seems fitting since as adults, we can take our laughter inspiration from kids, who are the best laughers!  Winners of today’s contest with receive a signed copy of Cheryl’s StarHeart book.  The message is superb and the artwork by artist, Dan Brouch, is stunning.

As you are preparing to laugh for Global Belly Laugh Day, think of what you are grateful for and then:

  • share a moment that makes you feel grateful
  • post a thought that feels worthy of the stars or fills your heart with joy…

…all of which, in my book, contribute to the special moments that ultimately make us laugh.

Feeling immense gratitude for all of you out there who have been supporting this great Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown and who are planning your own special celebrations around the world this Saturday!  The world surely needs more laughter, and I’m just tickled to play some small part in helping to spread a lot more of it around!

Inspired by Cheryl, maybe I should become a ThankYOUologist!



Day 4 (1.20.15)  It’s getting close!

Join me for a GET READY TO GIGGLE party at 10am on Sat. Jan. 24th, then host your own party or just remember to laugh out loud at 1:24pm.

Here’s the invitation.   https://laughwithsarah.eventbrite.com

Share it with your friends – limited to the first 40 people who respond.  FREE GIVEAWAYS!!

It Starts with a SMILE and Ends with Peals of Laughter!

North Hollywood LwS

Barry shared SMILES and we all shared LAUGHTER in N Hollywood, CA last week getting ready for Global Belly Laugh Day!

Day 5 (1.19.15) Every Good Laughter Party Starts with a SMILE!  

EVERYONE WINS TODAY!!  You’ve decided to host your own Global Belly Laugh Day Party! Big or small, every good party starts with a smile.  Meet Barry.  Barry has been spreading smiles (90,000 so far!) and I recently had the joy of laughing with him to get ready for Global Belly Laugh Day.  Visit Barry’s website and consider becoming a SMILE DISTRIBUTOR yourself.  www.thedailysmile.com  Don’t forget to continue practicing smile push-ups in preparation for the big day ahead!

YOU ARE INVITED – January 24, 2015

LaughwithSarah for her Progressive Global Belly Laugh Day Party!

 10:00 am – Practicing our Belly Laughs! Yantar Health Spa and Wellness – The public is invited – interactive laughter yoga session! 800 Prairie Center Dr. Suite 240 | Eden Prairie, MN | 55344 | Phone:  952-944-9355

1:24 pm – Let out a great big belly laugh! Wherever you are in the world – Share pictures or videos of your celebration!

1-2pm I will attend a special Global Belly Laugh Day Celebration at Ronald McDonald House Charities Upper Midwest (let me know if you want to join me for this) and at 1:24 we will share a great big belly laugh with the world!!!   

The rest of the day , YOU are invited to join me to create a laughter flash mob in public places (details TBD) to continuing to spread the joy of the day. (contact me directly to participate)

DON’T LIVE in the TWIN CITIES, but STILL WANT TO JOIN the FUN?  Check out www.appear.in/GBLD2015 – a FREE video chat room where we can connect to each other’s Global Belly Laugh Day parties!  Contact me for more information and to practice our laughs for the big day!    REMEMBER-SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

You never know where you might find a smile…Let others easily find yours!

Get your smiles going for Global Belly Laugh Day 2015 - great smiles lead to big laughs!

Get your smiles going for Global Belly Laugh Day 2015 – great smiles lead to big laughs!

Sarah’s Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown Just Got Sweeter!

Day 6 (1.18.15)  TWO THUMBS UP!  1 for LAUGHTER and 1 for COOKIES!

It’s Time to Sweeten the Deal! Today’s Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown Contest Sponsor is:  thumbs cookies  http://www.thumbscookies.com/

Robyn Frank is the Owner and President of Thumbs Cookies, Inc.  YOU could be sampling some of her amazing creations if you are today’s Global Belly Laugh Day Contest Winner.  Visit her website to see her incredible story. You can almost taste the cookies just by looking at them.

Between thumbs cookies, and sharing sweet laughter everywhere, I hope you will be inspired to ENTER TODAY’S CONTEST!

Here are the details: Today’s contest is all about sharing the sweetness of laughter. It’s time for you to share your creativity and inspire others to join in the FUN of getting ready to share some serious giggles with the world on Global Belly Laugh Day.

  • Share you favorite quote about laughter! (be sure to credit whoever said it)
  • Create your own quote about laughter and cookies! (bonus points if they are thumbs cookies!)
  • Post a photo of yourself laughing! Extra points if you are laughing…with cookies!

Post entries by Jan. 19th at 10:30 am on the LaughwithSarah Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LaughWithSarah  or right here on the BLOG.  Enter NOW!

Have FUN and LAUGH – you can’t practice too much for GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY!  I’ll give a 2 THUMBS UP for that!!

And the Winner Is…..

Day 7 (1.17.15)  Malka takes the prize!

Malka’s entry of a wonderful photo (shown here) catches the spirit behind GBLD perfectly and certainly brought a smile to my face!  Malka will win a pair of BUTTERFLYERS, generously donated by  Butterflyers.com Visit them on-line to check out this unique curio that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, and lead to some serious laughter as you watch the effect it has on others as they receive it. Congratulations, Malka!!


More tips coming your way later today to help you get ready for an amazing time on GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY…just 7 short days away!

It’s Getting Closer…Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown Offers Great Opportunities for FUN!

Day 8 (1.16.14) SARAH’S 10-DAY COUNTDOWN – silly and playful laughing out loud!

What better way to celebrate the gift of laughter than by practicing it to get ready for GBLD!

On January 24 at 1:24 p.m. (local time) all you need to do is smile, throw your arms in the air and share a great big belly laugh!  That really is all there is to it.

Let’s just play a little and have some FUN while we anticipate the joyfulness of the whole world sharing laughter.

Today, I encourage you to add ‘ho-ho’ or ‘ha-ha-ha’ to the end of your sentences!  Let me know what happens.  I bet someone gets the giggles – ‘ho-ho’!  And I’m sure you will have tons of fun – ‘ha-ha-ha’!  Whatever your day has in store, you can make it better with laughter.  Give it a try – ‘tee-hee-hee-‘ and share your experiences right here with me!

ho ho ha ha ha

Check back later today for CONTEST updates from YESTERDAY….and NEW WAYS to win exciting prizes from artists and foodies from around the U.S.  Don’t miss it!

Getting Ready for GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY! The Countdown continues…

Day 9 (1.15.15) THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES…keeping laughter in your life.

It’s simple, really. Research tells us that kids laugh on average 200-400 times per day.  Yet, by the time we reach adulthood, sadly, we average a mere 4 – 20 daily laughs.  Clearly, we all need to add some serious laughter into our lives! That’s what GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY is all about:  adding more laughter into your life and then sharing it with others.

Let’s use these 10 days leading up to GBLD to get in the habit of laughing more.  With practice, hopefully, laughter will come rushing back into your life and you will have so much FUN you will want more.

Yesterday was all about smile push-ups.  Now that your cheeks have warmed up, try a little giggle.  Go ahead, giggle all day long.  Try to find an excuse to giggle once per hour throughout the day.

You know that laughter is contagious. For inspiration and to remind us that we really don’t need a reason to giggle, watch this short baby video. It gets me giggling every time!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQo2FJPLeQk  Then come up with your own ideas of how to go with the giggles throughout your day.

  • Share your story here or on Facebook.  Your ideas may be just the thing to help someone else start giggling!
  • Share  how many times you were able to giggle and what triggered the giggles.
  • Share this post with your friends.

NOTE:  Anyone who shares stories will be entered into a drawing to win a special prize guaranteed to make you giggle! Details of winners and what they won will be posted tomorrow. ~ NEW CONTESTS will be posted every day until Global Belly Laugh Day arrives, so don’t miss out!