Day 10 (1.14.15) THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!

GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY 2015 is just 10 short days away.  Don’t worry; you still have plenty of time to get in shape.  I’ll be giving you simple tips and great warm-up exercises for the next 10 days to guarantee a FUN and memorable experience!

THE GOAL:  January 24, 2015 at 1:24 pm, wherever you are, let out a great big BELLY LAUGH! It’s that simple.

HISTORY:  Started a few years ago by Elaine Helle to encourage people who need it to go ahead and laugh even if they may not feel like it, it is now a holiday celebrated around the globe.

YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!  Do it alone, or on the phone. Do it with friends, at work or at home.  You can even have a party. Just be sure your laugh is hearty!

LET’S GET STARTED:  If  you have ever attended a LaughwithSarah session, you know that I start with SMILE PUSH-UPS.  It’s a great way to begin to get your cheeks in shape, because even though the goal of GBLD is, of course, a great big BELLY LAUGH, I promise, if you are really laughing from your belly, your cheeks are going to get a work out, too.

A BONUS: As you stretch your cheeks and let the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile, you send endorphins to your brain, which actually makes you feel happier.  If you really work hard, your cheek muscles might hurt – which means great exercise in addition to all that happiness!

Follow these simple directions and you’ll be on your way!

Smile Push-Ups

  1. Smile a great big smile
  2. Make a straight face

Repeat step 1&2 above 10 times.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re on your way to happiness, better health, and an award winning belly laugh for sure!

Note:  Making a straight face may get increasingly difficult. That’s okay.  Spontaneous laughter is also acceptable!

In the coming days you’ll receive all the tools you need to share your wonderful laughter with everyone around the world.  There will be contests to enter, how-to videos, photos, quotes and more – so check here every day and get ready to LaughwitSarah for Global Belly Laugh Day 2015!

Global Belly Laugh Day – Today’s the Day!!


TODAY’S THE DAY!!! – Global Belly Laugh Day  (1.24.14)  I’ll be laughing at 1:24 today. I hope you will join me wherever you are!  Since we can’t all be in the same place, I really hope you will snap a photo to send me or share a quick story about who you laughed with and what you’ve done to celebrate.  It will be fun to post a small collection so we can culminate the excitement of the day and continue the joy and laughter by sharing with each other our experiences. I’m bringing DOVE CHOCOLATE to my celebration! 

Remember, wherever you are in the world, and whatever you are doing today, try to stop at 1:24 local time (yours) and join in the GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH!

Baby Belly Laugh

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 1

Don’t worry, you still have time.  Even if you’ve been too busy to plan much yet, it’s not too late.

Plan to hold a Belly Laugh Day Party at work or at home and have FUN all day!

Wear comfy clothes or silly mismatched colors.

Have everyone bring a favorite dessert to share.

Remember – desserts is stressed spelled backwards!


It doesn’t matter whether your party is big or small,

Global Belly Laugh Day is for one and all.


Throw your head back, let your hands reach for the sky

The point is to laugh, almost till you cry.


It’s true there is sadness and life can be rough,

But laughter brings friends together for lots of great stuff!


HAVE FUN and invite your friends and family to share a great laugh with you – tomorrow at 1:24pm.

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 2

It’s time to assemble your supplies in preparation for the big day. On post-it notes or small scraps of colorful paper, write things like ‘ha-ha-ha’, ‘LOL!’, ‘ho-ho-ho’, ‘tee-hee-hee’,  ‘Go ahead and giggle!’.  Plan to put 24 of them around your house or office for people to find all day on Friday!  Depending on what you are planning for your special Belly Laugh Day gathering, you may need a few other things.  One idea is to have yellow balloons blown up and spread them around the floor of your office for people to kick around and play with all day.  This will remind them how important it is to have a bit of silliness in your life and not take things too seriously.  Keeping a steady stream of smile push-ups in your daily regimen is important, too.  It will assure you stay in a positive mood and continue to stretch your smile muscles!  You can create your own invitation to suggest that others assemble at 1:24pm on January 24 for a quick Friday afternoon ‘pick-me-up!’ Have some chocolate on hand, and some smile stickers to pass around at the conclusion of your joint belly laugh on Friday. Here’s a sample invitation:

JOIN ME on Friday, Jan. 24 at 1:20 SHARP                                                                                                        In the Boardroom                                                                                                        CHOCOLATE and SILLINESS PROVIDED!  322_BellyLaughDayDimpleYellow





When people arrive, explain that all over the world, at 1:24 local time, wherever people are, there will be gatherings like yours where people are there just to share a big belly laugh.  Practice a few times and at exactly 1:24, join the world and laugh till your belly hurts!  Pass out chocolate and stickers to all who participate!

Don’t forget to let me know what you are planning.  Share stories and photos with me and others! I’m getting excited – the big day is almost here! Keep laughing!

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 3

It’s getting close now. Global Belly Laugh Day, the day when EVERYONE, around the world, has an excuse to LAUGH! It’s THIS FRIDAY, so just a few short days left to get in shape! I’m hosting an Exclusive Event here in the Twin Cities Friday afternoon at the Charities Review Council, so while I’m sharing a belly laugh with some of our local non-profit professionals, I hope you will join in the fun wherever you are.

Why not take it one step further? Let this be you entry into making laughter more of a habit in your life.  You know that we can all use more laughter!  Kids typically laugh several hundred times a day.  Adults tend to laugh a mere 4-20.  Surely, we can all find more reasons to laugh.  But remember, you get all the health benefits whether you mean the laugh or not, so go ahead, play with my exercises and activities and I’m sure that Global Belly Laugh Day will be a riot for you and the start of some extra giggles in your daily life!

I sincerely hope you are busy making your own plans to host some people in laughter, or partying with a bundle of laughs!  Today’s activity is to send  a photo of your laughing self on your cell phone to your family and friends, to encourage them to get in on the laughing party that’s coming up!  Or, take a picture of others laughing. Either way, invite hem to join you on 1.24.14 at 1:24 p.m. for a laugh out loud moment.  Share the photo with us here, too!

Here are a few samples from my recent Laugh with Sarah photo contest and a few recent Laughter Yoga sessions !  Let’s see what you come up with – send me your photos via email and I will post!

Catching a laugh!Alli & Grace - Laugh with Sarah photo contest winner!

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 4

Global Belly Laugh Day is fast approaching! If this is your first visit to the blog, we are gearing up for the big laugh this coming Friday at 1:24.  Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to get your smile and laughter muscles in shape.  Today, in addition to continuing the past day’s activities and exercises, we will add some things you can do on your daily commute.  That’s right – no more excuses that you are just too busy to get in on all the fun!322_BellyLaughDayDimpleYellow

Start practicing and revving up!

Smile at every stop sign on your way to work

Laugh out loud at every stop light:

hee, hee, hee, hee, hee,

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

*Every time you see a car (you choose the color),  sing out a word like, asparagus, arugula, or artichoke

And don’t forget to keep up with what should now be your daily practice of smile push-ups!

Photo thanks to Priscilla!

smile push-ups!

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 5

It’s getting closer…each day you should keep practicing things from the earlier days to build your strength and endurance – this will help guarantee a perfect belly laugh on Friday!  It’s more fun when you share it, so if you haven’t already, today’s the day to widen the circle and let your family and friends know you are on the quest for your biggest belly laugh ever.  In the meantime, these exercises should be not only putting you in the mood, but help getting you in shape – remember, laughing is great exercise!!

Today’s focus:  Share with family or friends a time you laughed really, really hard – a belly laugh.  Describe:  What made you laugh? Who were you with?  Where were you?  What sounds and smells do you remember? Sharing stories like this is sure to get you laughing as you imagine yourself at this funny time/place in your life.  Once evereyone has shared, go ahead and make arrangements to laugh together on Global Belly Laugh Day at precisely 1:24pm.  Let me know where you plan to be, and I’d love for you to email me your photo.

SHARE YOUR STORIES HERE…let others share your greatest laughs! 

For those who prefer a bit of visual arts rather than or in addition to just good conversation, I suggest you try your hand at creating your very own ‘Laughing Fingers!’  To inspire you, revisit your favorite laughing tunes from Day 7. I’d love it if you take photos of your best creations and send me via email – I will post and share some right here!   As you practice laughing with your whole body, you’re getting ready for the great belly laugh to come!  It’s getting closer every day!

 laughing fingers                         laughing fingers 2

Don’t forget to keep practicing your smile push-ups, a few ho-ho-ho’s and ha-ha-ha’s!  You’re doing great – keep up the good work!