Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 5

It’s getting closer…each day you should keep practicing things from the earlier days to build your strength and endurance – this will help guarantee a perfect belly laugh on Friday!  It’s more fun when you share it, so if you haven’t already, today’s the day to widen the circle and let your family and friends know you are on the quest for your biggest belly laugh ever.  In the meantime, these exercises should be not only putting you in the mood, but help getting you in shape – remember, laughing is great exercise!!

Today’s focus:  Share with family or friends a time you laughed really, really hard – a belly laugh.  Describe:  What made you laugh? Who were you with?  Where were you?  What sounds and smells do you remember? Sharing stories like this is sure to get you laughing as you imagine yourself at this funny time/place in your life.  Once evereyone has shared, go ahead and make arrangements to laugh together on Global Belly Laugh Day at precisely 1:24pm.  Let me know where you plan to be, and I’d love for you to email me your photo.

SHARE YOUR STORIES HERE…let others share your greatest laughs! 

For those who prefer a bit of visual arts rather than or in addition to just good conversation, I suggest you try your hand at creating your very own ‘Laughing Fingers!’  To inspire you, revisit your favorite laughing tunes from Day 7. I’d love it if you take photos of your best creations and send me via email – I will post and share some right here!   As you practice laughing with your whole body, you’re getting ready for the great belly laugh to come!  It’s getting closer every day!

 laughing fingers                         laughing fingers 2

Don’t forget to keep practicing your smile push-ups, a few ho-ho-ho’s and ha-ha-ha’s!  You’re doing great – keep up the good work!

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