Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 6

In honor of Global Belly Laugh Day, read  ‘The Laughing Oath’ and share it with at least 10 friends.  Plan to ‘take the oath’ on Jan. 24 at 1:24pm with as many people as possible either just before or just after you complete one enormous BELLY LAUGH!!!

Image         Image           Image

The Laughing Oath’  by Diana Loomans & Karen Kolberg

I do solemnly swear from this day forward to grease my giggling gears each day and to wear a grin on my face for no reason at all!

I promise to tap my funny bone often, with children, family, friends, colleagues, and clients, and to laugh at least fifteen times per day.

I believe that frequent belly laughter cures terminal tightness, cerebral stiffness, and hardening of the attitudes, and that HA HA often

leads to AHA!    Therefore, I vow, from this day forth, to brighten the day of everyone I meet, and to laugh long and prosper.

* PLEASE share your experiences as you get ready to participate in GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY and THANKS for sharing this with your friends!!!


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