About Laughter Yoga Sessions

“I attended a Laughter Yoga mini session and have been giggling all day just thinking about it.  I’ve been starting my day with smile push-ups ever since!” -Beth Glassman, Sr. Counselor at HIRED

“I’m one of the reluctant participants at your Laughing Yoga training on Tuesday.  Thank you for doing this for us.  Since I’m not a morning person, I do my ‘10 smile pushups‘ before I drive to work.  It does makes a big difference. “-Anita McMurty, Sr. Employment Counselor, HIRED

“You were the best part of the day today for most of us! Rave reviews from all!” -Lenore Rockler, Sr. Employment Counselor, HIRED

“Sarah is so approachable.. and fun.”She took the fear out of the group, even for the ones who were a bit reluctant to share laughter together.”

“Sarah has such great energy and her laugh is contagious too.”

“Sarah’s short session set a wonderful positive tone for our full day of meetings and training.”

“Laughter Yoga is quite different than we imagined it to be…. my manager didn’t think she would want to be involved with it, as this is ‘not her thing’ but she has now said, ‘even she, who doesn’t take part in yoga type exercises thought this was fun and easy for anyone’.”

About Laughter Yoga Phone Sessions

“Sarah’s Laughter Yoga by Phone is an amazing pick-me-up. Her ability to get me immediately out of my funk and laughing for no reason on the phone transformed my day and really entertained the family members who were present during our phone session. Sarah is professional, easy to interact with and she gets the job done with fun and ease, leaving me inspired and eager for more. Her tips on how to self-generate laughter and the exercises she shared really make laughter the easiest and most effective “medicine” I have ever taken.  Add to that the structures she helped me put in place to support my overall health & wellness..and it’s a real winning formula. I will keep using her services!” -Rach

“Thanks for explaining Laughter Yoga to me and for the phone session yesterday.  This morning, I started getting anxious and tearing up. Instead, I did my smile exercise and can’t get the grin off my face!” -Julie Maltos, Nurse, Seattle, Washington

owen laughs

“Sarah has been very fun making us laugh in person and over the phone! I feel really calm after Laughter Yoga. I want to do it again with Sarah.” -Owen, age 9

About Leadership Training and Laughter Yoga

“The Strengths Finder activity was very well received.  People really enjoyed it and made comments that they wished we could have had more time to put into it.  We have really embraced this as a leadership team and have multiple things going on to continue learning more as well as how to implement what we have learned with are direct teams.  So this activity was very well received.  About Laughter Yoga, they said that they really enjoyed the time to laugh with their coworkers and it allowed them to get to know each other in a different way.  Overall the feedback was positive for both activities.  Also there were some comments about you specifically in that they really enjoyed your enthusiasm and positivity and that you got them excited about what you were talking about whether it was Strengths Finder or the Laughter Yoga.  So you were a hit!  I have really enjoyed working with you over the past couple of months and look forward to again in the future. -Cassie Anderson, Cigna

“Laughter Yoga really helped me become more outgoing when I meet new people. Laughter Yoga with Sarah taught me to take life a little less seriously and that it is good to laugh at it once in a while.” -Ezra Strohm, University of Minnesota Student

“I was a skeptic.  Not that I did not know how great it feels to laugh, but forcing myself to laugh, faking a laugh, had absolutely no appeal.  As a favor to someone, I recently attended a Laughter Yoga session.  Half-way through the session I got it.  I literally felt lighter and less stressed.  It’s so worth doing.” -Lawyer, Minneapolis

LY presentation for instructors 11.12 (21)

“The hour went by in a flash.  That night I found myself in my car, sitting at a long red light and laughing just to relax.  Can’t wait for another session.” -Empty Nester, Minneapolis

“I attended a Laughter Yoga mini session and have been giggling all day just thinking about it.  I’ve been starting my day with smile push-ups ever since!” -Beth Glassman, Sr. Counselor at HIRED

Do it for your health - it is a laughing matter!

“Can’t wait to do this again….I want it to become a habit.” -Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“I am usually hesitant to participate in this sort of activity because I feel self- conscious, but Sarah made the 1-hour class entertaining and non-threatening for a beginner like me.  It was a fun and exhilarating experience!” -Volunteer & mother of 2 teenagers, Leslie, Mendota Heights, MN

Leaders pass a hearty laugh!

“Sarah used many interactive techniques to help us understand what would trigger our bodies and minds so that we could experience many levels of laughter.” -Community Volunteer, Minneapolis

“I was skeptical at first because I am very picky about what makes me laugh.  Sarah’s warm welcome helped this room of complete strangers relax and open up to a new experience.” -Merrie Forstein, Minneapolis

“Sarah sure isn’t afraid to show her silly side and does a great job encouraging others to do the same. So put all the thoughts you have about yourself down for 30 minutes and let Sarah take you on a playful adventure. I guarantee you won’t forget it!” -Makai, Preschool Teacher and Environmental Educator- Early Childhood Center at Sabes JCC.

   Catching a laugh!

“One day this week the world seemed to be pressing down particularly hard on my shoulders, beyond the normal stresses of work and personal life.  I was in no mood to interact with anyone.  Sarah insisted that I do 10 “smile push-ups.”  To my amazement, it made an immediate difference in my mood.  I can’t explain it, I’m just sayin’”  -Attorney, Minneapolis