Laughter Yoga really helped me become more outgoing when I meet new people. Laughter Yoga with Sarah taught me to take life a little less seriously and that it is good to laugh at it once in a while.     -Ezra Strohm, University of Minnesota Student

Thanks for explaining Laughter Yoga to me and for the phone session yesterday.  This morning I started getting anxious and tearing up. Instead, I did my smile exercise and can’t get the grin off my face!!     -Julie Maltos, Nurse, Seattle, Washington


I was a skeptic.  Not that I did not know how great it feels to laugh, but forcing myself to laugh, faking a laugh, had absolutely no appeal.  As a favor to someone, I recently attended a Laughter Yoga session.  Half-way through the session I got it.  I literally felt lighter and less stressed.  It’s so worth doing.                       -Lawyer, Minneapolis

LY presentation for instructors 11.12 (21)

The hour went by in a flash.  That night I found myself in my car, sitting at a long red light and laughing just to relax.  Can’t wait for another session.                                                                                                                                                 -Empty Nester, Minneapolis

I attended a Laughter Yoga mini session and have been giggling all day just thinking about it.  I’ve been starting my day with smile push-ups ever since!   – Beth Glassman, Sr. Counselor at HIRED

Do it for your health - it is a laughing matter!

Can’t wait to do this again….I want it to become a habit.      -Attorney, Atlanta, GA

I am usually hesitant to participate in this sort of activity because I feel self- conscious, but Sarah made the 1-hour class entertaining and non-threatening for a beginner like me.  It was a fun and exhilarating experience!                                                                                   -Volunteer & mother of 2 teenagers, Leslie, Mendota Heights, MN

Leaders pass a hearty laugh!

Sarah used many interactive techniques to help us understand what would trigger our bodies and minds so that we could experience many levels of laughter.                                                                                                                         -Community Volunteer, Minneapolis

I was skeptical at first because I am very picky about what makes me laugh.  Sarah’s warm welcome helped this room of complete strangers relax and open up to a new experience.                                                                                  -Merrie Forstein, Minneapolis

Sarah sure isn’t afraid to show her silly side and does a great job encouraging others to do the same. So put all the thoughts you have about yourself down for 30 minutes and let Sarah take you on a playful adventure. I guarantee you won’t forget it!

-Makai, Preschool Teacher and Environmental Educator- Early Childhood Center at Sabes JCC.

   Catching a laugh!One day this week the world seemed to be pressing down particularly hard on my shoulders, beyond the normal stresses of work and personal life.  I was in no mood to interact with anyone.  Sarah insisted that I do 10 “smile pushups.”  To my amazement, it made an immediate difference in my mood.  I can’t explain it, I’m just sayin’                                                         -Attorney, Minneapolis

Sarah has been very fun making us laugh in person and over the phone! I feel really calm after Laughter Yoga. I want to do it again with Sarah.                                                     -Owen, Age 9owen laughs

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