Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 1

Don’t worry, you still have time.  Even if you’ve been too busy to plan much yet, it’s not too late.

Plan to hold a Belly Laugh Day Party at work or at home and have FUN all day!

Wear comfy clothes or silly mismatched colors.

Have everyone bring a favorite dessert to share.

Remember – desserts is stressed spelled backwards!


It doesn’t matter whether your party is big or small,

Global Belly Laugh Day is for one and all.


Throw your head back, let your hands reach for the sky

The point is to laugh, almost till you cry.


It’s true there is sadness and life can be rough,

But laughter brings friends together for lots of great stuff!


HAVE FUN and invite your friends and family to share a great laugh with you – tomorrow at 1:24pm.

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 5

It’s getting closer…each day you should keep practicing things from the earlier days to build your strength and endurance – this will help guarantee a perfect belly laugh on Friday!  It’s more fun when you share it, so if you haven’t already, today’s the day to widen the circle and let your family and friends know you are on the quest for your biggest belly laugh ever.  In the meantime, these exercises should be not only putting you in the mood, but help getting you in shape – remember, laughing is great exercise!!

Today’s focus:  Share with family or friends a time you laughed really, really hard – a belly laugh.  Describe:  What made you laugh? Who were you with?  Where were you?  What sounds and smells do you remember? Sharing stories like this is sure to get you laughing as you imagine yourself at this funny time/place in your life.  Once evereyone has shared, go ahead and make arrangements to laugh together on Global Belly Laugh Day at precisely 1:24pm.  Let me know where you plan to be, and I’d love for you to email me your photo.

SHARE YOUR STORIES HERE…let others share your greatest laughs! 

For those who prefer a bit of visual arts rather than or in addition to just good conversation, I suggest you try your hand at creating your very own ‘Laughing Fingers!’  To inspire you, revisit your favorite laughing tunes from Day 7. I’d love it if you take photos of your best creations and send me via email – I will post and share some right here!   As you practice laughing with your whole body, you’re getting ready for the great belly laugh to come!  It’s getting closer every day!

 laughing fingers                         laughing fingers 2

Don’t forget to keep practicing your smile push-ups, a few ho-ho-ho’s and ha-ha-ha’s!  You’re doing great – keep up the good work!

Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 6

In honor of Global Belly Laugh Day, read  ‘The Laughing Oath’ and share it with at least 10 friends.  Plan to ‘take the oath’ on Jan. 24 at 1:24pm with as many people as possible either just before or just after you complete one enormous BELLY LAUGH!!!

Image         Image           Image

The Laughing Oath’  by Diana Loomans & Karen Kolberg

I do solemnly swear from this day forward to grease my giggling gears each day and to wear a grin on my face for no reason at all!

I promise to tap my funny bone often, with children, family, friends, colleagues, and clients, and to laugh at least fifteen times per day.

I believe that frequent belly laughter cures terminal tightness, cerebral stiffness, and hardening of the attitudes, and that HA HA often

leads to AHA!    Therefore, I vow, from this day forth, to brighten the day of everyone I meet, and to laugh long and prosper.

* PLEASE share your experiences as you get ready to participate in GLOBAL BELLY LAUGH DAY and THANKS for sharing this with your friends!!!


Global Belly Laugh Day Countdown – Day 7

Get your Global Belly Laugh Day playlist ready today:

Challenge others to a contest to see who knows more laughing songs.  Laugh yourself silly because you know you are going to win!

laughing music 2

I Love to Laugh, Mary Poppins

Laughing Gnome, David Bowie

Powder Your Face with Sunshine

Smile, Smille, Smile

The Laughing Policeman

The Merry ol’ Land of Oz


Find and share other favorites and we’ll all keep laughing!

Meantime, don’t forget to keep warming up by doing at least 10 smile push-ups each day, and for fun, try to continue adding ‘ho-ho’ or ‘ha-ha-ha’ to the end of your sentences!  A good silent laugh each day will continue getting you in shape for the big day which is coming soon…..a week from today!  Remember to share this with your friends and leave your comments!  Keep  smiling and have a laughing weekend!