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It’s time to improve your health – it is a laughing matter!

Consider Laughter Yoga for:  Staff Development – Family Reunion – Book Club – House Party – Bridal Shower – Team Building – Stress Management – Exercise – FUN!!

NEW:  Laugh with Sarah on the Phone!  Can’t get out? Feeling stuck in a bad mood? So stressed or depressed you don’t know what to do? *10 minute phone sessions are available and get you back on track for a happier, more productive day!

STRENGTHSFinder Leadership Training  with Sarah
A wide variety of people have used STRENGTHSFinder 2.0 to gain insights into how to use their talents to achieve professional and academic success and in leadership development.
Using STRENGTHSFinder 2.0, Sarah will help you and your colleagues to think creatively about their strength development and learn how to use their STRENGTHS to enhance their job satisfaction and the quality of their work. Great for staff meetings, staff development and team building.
To quickly inquire about my availability, please call 612-802-1608 or complete this easy form and expect a very prompt reply.