About Sarah and Her Work

Sarah is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher trained by The Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and has been engaging others in laughter since 2008.

Sarah has a BA in English, a BFA in Photography and a Master’s in Adult Education.  After teaching high school English and Drama for 10 years, and running 2 non-profits for 18 years, Sarah is now a Leadership Instructor and a Wellness Advocate at the University of Minnesota.  She has trained in Rieki and Reflexology and cares deeply about health and wellness. As a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher she has presented countless Laughter Yoga sessions for corporations such as Cigna Health Care, SUPERVALU and BWI Worldwide, laughed with seniors, college students, families with young children, and Holocaust Survivors.  Sarah has been featured at Health Conferences and Trainings, Women’s Retreats, Fund Raising Events and Humor Festivals.

Sarah inspires others to lead happier, healthier, more meaningful lives through laughter, which ultimately helps them to unlock their full potential.  She has shared laughter with thousands of people all over the world and can’t wait to give you the giggles!

For more information about Sarah and Laughter Yoga, visit her website:  https://www.LaughWithSarah.com, her Facebok page:  https://www.facebook.com/LaughWithSarah

or her Linked-in page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahroutman/

Laugh with Sarah  

SINCE LIFE is GENERALLY 10% WHAT HAPPENS to US and 90% HOW WE RESPOND to IT, I believe there is a constant need to keep a sense of humor and laugh out loud every day! LAUGHTER YOGA is a great technique to help you laugh even when you don’t think anything is funny, don’t feel like laughing, or are especially in need of a way to make yourself feel better!

I love travelling, taking photographs, walking, laughing, reading, writing,  plants, and being creative in any of the arts. Dark chocolate is also important. I have lived in 4 states and visited 20 countries, including Bulgaria, where I created and ran a cultural exchange program for high school students for 8 years.

I care about being healthy and enjoy coaching others about eliminating stress in their lives, being more playful, and staying focused on the present.  The most important thing I ever did was having children and I love to laugh with my family.

What’s great about Laughter Yoga is that you get all the health benefits whether you are laughing spontaneously or intentionally.  It’s been said that: ‘even if there is nothing to laugh about in your life, laugh on credit!’