About Sarah and Her Work

Sarah is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher (by The Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga) and has been engaging others in laughter since 2008. Sarah has a BA and a BFA from Ohio University and a Masters in Adult Education from the University of Georgia.  She has served as an Executive Director of 2 different non-profits here in the Twin Cities for the last 18 years, working extensively with high school and college students on leadership and programming.  She is a Leadership Instructor and a Wellness Advocate at the University of Minnesota where she is also a sought after presenter around campus and is listed on their Speaker’s Bureau. 

Laugh with Sarah  SINCE LIFE is GENERALLY 10% WHAT HAPPENS to US and 90% HOW WE RESPOND to IT,

I believe there is a constant need to keep a sense of humor and laugh out loud every day! LAUGHTER YOGA is a great technique to help you laugh even when you don’t think anything is funny, don’t feel like laughing, or are especially in need of a way to make yourself feel better!

I love travelling, taking photographs, walking, laughing, reading, writing,  plants, and being creative in any of the arts. Dark chocolate is also important. I have lived in 4 states and visited 20 countries, including Bulgaria, where I created and ran a cultural exchange program for high school students for 8 years.

I care about being healthy and enjoy coaching others about eliminating stress in their lives, being more playful, and staying focused on the present.  The most important thing I ever did was having children and I love to laugh with my family.

What’s great about Laughter Yoga is that you get all the health benefits whether you are laughing spontaneously or intentionally.  It’s been said that: ‘even if there is nothing to laugh about in your life, laugh on credit!’